Oct. 11th, 2010 01:51 am
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I hate it when I get texts from numbers I don't recognize... and then when I ask who it is they dick around and play games. The "Who do you think this is" game. I'm not going to play... though I will feel bad if it turns out it is a friend of mine. I was kind of... snarky in my reply.

[EDIT: Turns out it was indeed a friend. They got a new cell phone and a new number. And now they're giving me the whole "I thought I'd play with you a little but you don't play around" bullshit. Heaven forfend I not want to play the "Who out of everyone I may or may not know could you be" game. ::sigh:: Ah well. Fuck it, I refuse to be made to feel bad about not playing.]
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I've been sort of working on Halloween costumes on the off chance that I need one... wanted to give myself plenty of time to put together/make a nice one. I'd been working on both a Door (from Neverwhere) and a Jill Valentine (whichever game she wears the blue tube top and skirt) costume. Found a few bits of faux Victorian-esque clothing that I thought would work for Door (at least Book!Door) and I already had a pale lilac tube top that I thought might work if I dyed it blue. So Bri's foray into the realm of fabric dying began... and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY. Only slightly darker than the shade I was aiming for. I also threw in a few other pieces of clothing so as to not waste the fabric dye. It was AWESOME! The following day I dyed a few things a very nice wine shade; including a corset). ANYwhoodle, a few days ago I found a skirt that works for the Jill Valentine costume. I already have the boots and the fingerless gloves.

Then it hit me... I inadvertently have THREE costumes. I have a black pencil skirt... and when combined with the faux Victorian stuff... I have a Helen Magnus costume. I could also probably do a Helen Magnus in abnormal hunting clothes if I wanted. So yay me.

I've been thrifting as of late. I love it. And the Goodwill's near me have 88 cent and 25 cent days... so I can pick up nifty pieces of clothing for ridiculously cheap. Like jeans. And an awesome dress that looks like a painting.

I've also been reading a blog ("New Dress a Day") that has driven me to pick up... less than attractive dresses when I'm at Goodwill on the 88 cent/25 cent days. I'm hoping to make them awesome.


Aug. 11th, 2010 12:53 am
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I've been playing Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. And I've come to the conclusion that I just plain suck at first person shooters, whether or not they're on rails. But it's just fun, and I don't give a damn how much I suck. :D Well, not much.

I've also come to the conclusion that Albert Wesker is my favourite character. He is such a Magnificent Bastard. And I love it. ::laugh::

I really need to try my XBox 360. I sent it off while it was still under warranty since I couldn't really play any games on it. I've had it back WEEKS and I still haven't tried it out. It's still in the box they sent it back to me in. I've had a couple games suggested to me that I look forward to trying out. Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption. So I might have to rent them, give me a reason to bust it out beforehand.
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I think I just found an exercise thing that works for me. 10 Minute Trainer. It's short, to the point, and works the hell out of you. I'm starting small, just the 10 Minute Abs video... and oh my fucking GOD I am tired.

I love the fact that it's only 10 minutes. I think I might actually be able to stick with this one. It's short, and not boring; which is my main problem with keeping up with exercise. It's BORING. Plus I like the guy who in charge. He's sort of laid back and groovy.
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You know what? I am rather irritated that SyFy redid Riverworld, when the original version they did was perfectly frakkin' fine. I wished it had ended up going through and becoming a series, actually.

But I'm still going to watch it. Or tape it, since I have rehearsal tonight.
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Gods I LOVED it. I went in expecting exactly what I got. A fun, somewhat cheesy movie that is flavoured with Greek myths. But swords! Pegasus! Kraken! Liam Neeson as Zeus!

On a side note I am rather excited for The A-Team remake.

Anywho, we saw it in 3D because J.C wanted the kraken all up in his grill... But it was disappointing. The kraken was all up in no one's grill, and it was only REALLY noticeably 3D when someone threw something.

Still, I enjoyed it immensely. And I plan on seeing it again, only in 2D.
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[ profile] thanatos_kalos, I have a question. I'm looking to get a copy of the Iliad, and I was wondering which translations are best/better/preferred.
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I fell off the stage tonight. During a fight scene, no less. Go me! Granted, I hopped right back up and kept on going, but it was kind of hilarious. And very me.
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My copy of Dragon Age: Origins finally arrived. :D And it's fun as hell. I love the replayability of it. But it definitely isn't going to help my sleeping habits. I didn't end up going to bed until 11am this morning. It's not like I haven't been up until between 5 and 7 on a regular basis. And hell, I very rarely game when doing so. My inner gamer geek wanted to come out and play.

Now, I'm working on my last chunk of lines for Troilus. Of course, I learned the last lot the day before. So my worry has lessened somewhat. I was having HUGE issues with that last. I would read it over and over... and it just wouldn't take. It was like it was Greek. ::laugh:: But that Saturday I just walked around, reading them out loud loads of times, then trying without the script. Did it in bits until I damn near had them all down. Still have word issues here and there, but that happens.

At least this all distracts me from stuff. So it's good. Very good.
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I have SUCH a weakness for long coats. I loves me some trench coats. Especially at thrift stores. I was at the Bettendorf Goodwill earlier tonight with my mom, as we are wont to do. And I made a beeline to the rack of coats they have just past the registers, on a whim. Found a half-price London Fog coat that didn't fit and was a bit shapeless to boot. Which was sad, because I love London Fog coats. They are awesome. So I kept looking and I found The Coat. I have a lot of those in the coat closet. It is black, and nicely fitted, and comes to mid/lower calf. It also has a very military style collar. I tried it on... and it looked awesome. I need to sew the buttons on tighter, but that isn't hard at all. So it came home with me. I am, however, not allowed to look at the coat rack at that Goodwill anymore; last time I found a Wilson's Leather trench coat that fit me perfectly and was in great shape for 20 bucks. ::laugh:: Thrift shopping has increased my number of awesome coats by rather a lot.

I also ended up with an awesome pair of knee high boots. Which I also have a weakness for. Obviously. :D Especially when they are lace-up knee high boots.

(End frivolous clothing post)
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Time to start doing research on Cassandra. :D And I might watch the Hercules episode with her, just because it's fun.
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I have been on a miscellaneous stuff (though primarily books) buying spree, and it was mostly thanks to Hastings awesome Cyber Monday deals. Especially on used books. I paid more on shipping that I did on the books themselves. Which is fun.

In total, it's five books (all Jane Austen; 2 Emmas - one of which is on backorder for who knows how long, 1 Sense and Sensibility, 1 Northanger Abbey - also temporarily out of stock, and 1 Jane Austen Choose Your Own Adventure), one game for my DS (Scribblenauts), and one DVD set (The Guild seasons 1 and 2).

They're my Christmas presents to me! I'm so happy!
/Emperor's New Groove

Now I just wait for them to show up. :D
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I found my copy of Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. Which is yay. But I have misplaced my copy of Sense and Sensibility. Which is NOT yay. At all. Especially because I am in the mood to watch it.

I know where it WAS. And I know where it SHOULD be. But it is neither of those places. And it's almost 3AM, so I can't very well turn the apartment upside down and shake out its pockets. Which is unfortunate. God knows what I'd find if I did, though. A couple thousand dust bunnies, the scissors I lost YEARS ago, only to find again, only to RE-lose, and other stuff I've probably lost or misplaced over the years. And socks. Lots of socks.

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So, I have finally narrowed it down to two costumes. Both of which, except for a few small odds and ends, I already have all the makings of.

Those costume ideas are as follows.

1.) School girl - short pleated gray skirt, gray knee high socks, white button down shirt, heels, and a tie of some sort (it's either a bright orange, burgundy with white polka dots, or a black with purple blue and gray dots). And lipstick, probably red.

2.) The Anthpomorphic Personification of Desire, from Sandman - black pants, black suit coat looking shirt with nothing underneath (that buttons securely, of course), and black shoes of some kind. Perhaps heels, or sneakers. And peach perfume, as Desire is said to smell of peaches. Would just have to figure out what to do with my hair, and what I should do for make-up.

Now I just have to decide.
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if I can't decide on a costume, I may just cobble something together with clothing and stuff I have around the house.

Those possibilities are:

A pirate/swashbuckler - lacy/ruffly shirt, pants, knee high boots, and a frock coat
School girl - skirt, white shirt, tie, and either heels or knee high boots
Leon Kennedy from RE4 - dark pants, boots, fingerless gloves, and bomber jacket
1940's movie star - dress, heels, appropriate hair and makeup.

Those are all I have so far. More may be added as they occur to me.


Oct. 8th, 2009 01:53 am
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I have added yet more ideas to my list of costume ideas. The newest two are Bene Gesserit and Fremen. They just keep getting geekier and geekier. It's awesome.
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A friend of mine posted an image from Gotham Sirens on Facebook... which gave me another costume idea for Halloween. Poison Ivy. Comic Poison Ivy, not Movie Poison Ivy. She's got the red hair, so I wouldn't have to change that, except maybe redye it so it's all nice and vibrant. But my hair is kind of short at the moment, and I doubt it's going to get much longer by the Halloween party.

I might just cheat and see if I can't find a Poison Ivy costume at one of the Halloween costume places that are bound to be popping up now that it's that time of year again. Found a few online that I kind of like. Including one with a cape. :)
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I mentioned before how I was in a book buying mood previously, and had ordered a few books online. The grand total has jumped up to 4, by the way. Was looking for a particular play of Shakespeare's, the Royal Shakespeare Company edition, and I couldn't find it anywhere local. So I had to order online.

ANYway, I'm awaiting the arrival of four books (one historical, two historical fiction, one Shakespeare). As our mailmen have been known to be lazy fucks that can't be arsed to knock on the door and just leave packages by the door, I popped my head outside to check. Nothing. So I headed down to the mailbox to check the mail, since I needed to anyway.

Guess what was sitting ON TOP OF THE FUCKING MAILBOX????? That's right, the first of my books. I grabbed it, got the rest of the mail, and headed back inside. I was PISSED! Still am, in part because I can find no one to fucking complain to.


Aug. 18th, 2009 02:07 am
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I have no idea exactly what I did to myself, but I have been having horrendously bad pain in my upper back. Bad enough that I could feel it in my sternum. It's waned some right now, but it feels like it could be back. Of course, me being the worry wart that I am, there's a part of me that's worried it's something bad.

I've had it before, but it's been a long while. I was lying down/dozing at an odd angle, and I've been using my laptop on the floor a lot lately (and I haven't been using the best posture). So it could be that. Added to being on my feet for six hours of work time and putting stuff in top stock... it's the most likely culprit.
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It's that time of year again... where I start trying to figure out my costume for Esther's Halloween party. Part of me is kind of tempted to try and pull off the Leeloo Dallas bandage costume. More because I'm just really curious as to whether or not it's feasible. I think it might be. A white bandeau style bathing suit top, lined bathing suit bottom... All I'd need to figure out would be the bandage bits and an orange wig. Maybe elastic from a fabric store... sew some snaps onto all the bits (so I can get into and out of it. Being able to pee would be good for a Halloween party with drinking involved). It'd be frakkin' cold, but that's what a coat is for. ::laugh:: And I'd be AMAZINGLY self-conscious... But it might be... fun.

Other than that... I have NO idea. Other than maybe busting out my Ada Wong get-up again. But I've DONE that already. I would like to do something new.

Maybe Desire of the Endless. Slick back my hair. Fitted suit jacket buttoned with nothing underneath, and suit pants. Some sort of nice shoes.

Fiona from Burn Notice?

Um... Could maybe pull off a Starbuck from Nu!Battlestar. Have pants and boots that would work. Would just need a top. And a cigar. :D

I do have a black Elizabethan style coat... Could use that somehow.
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