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Started playing Dragon Age 2 last night... and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Side-questing like crazy at the moment, because I'm not allowing myself to go on the first main plot quest until after all the side-quests for this bit are done. Must. Finish. EVERYTHING. ::laugh:: The magically appearing foes in the streets are amusing... and annoying. The repeating maps are also not that fun. "Haven't I been here before?" No... not quite. But yes.

Another thing that bothers me is just how hard it is to read the text on the television. Makes me wish I'd gone for the PC version. I mean... SHEESH. Makes reading how armour and things compare to each other a bit of a pain in the ass. Part of it might be the television, of course... Might find out later.

I love Varric to pieces. Oh my god he is my favourite! I wish he was romance-able, because he rocks. And a dwarf romance would be fun. As it is he's in my party all the time. Because Varric = win. And he's LadyHawke's BFF. I needed a ranged rogue anyway, since my LadyHawke is a duel-wielding rogue. My main team at the moment is LadyHawke, Aveline, Bethany, and Varric. Occasionally Aveline leaves when one of the other sidekicks has a pressing need for LadyHawke's help.

So I decided for this Hawke to get her flirt on with Anders this play-through. And his going from zero to 'Noes, I shall only break your heart' in maybe 3 seconds made me laugh. Same for the way Fenris being all smooth.

I wish I could remember all the different choices I made in my various DA:O play-throughs. So I can upload different saves to see how it effects the DA: 2 storyline.
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