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The more I play, the more awesome Varric gets. Was fighting a battle in one of the many repeated cave passages and he died. Which was sad, but I survived without him... and when he got up his line was "Dear Varric. Learn to dodge" Or maybe it was parry... either way, it was hilarious.

And the whole interaction with Merrill after killing Bartrand. She's so delightfully adorable and naive... save for the whole "Tee hee! I like blood magic" thing. Really ought to play the Dalish origin in the first game, just because.

Playing a dual wielding rogue. I LOVE the assassinate ability. And the twin fang ability. They're a delightful way to beat the crap out of enemies. Not so fun when the enemies use it on you, though.

The worst part about the repeated maps is that I forget which bloody iteration of the map I'm in. So I get turned around and dead-ended a LOT. I miss the variety of Dragon Age: Origins.

Romancing Anders this play-through. Despite his "Being together will only break your heart. Woe." thing. His Justice!Eyes effects don't quite line up... so they're on his cheeks, like he's wearing a groovy pair of sunglasses. Makes it a little difficult to take those scenes seriously. That was one hell of a first kiss though.

Bodahn and Sandal are living in Lady!Hawke's house!!! And they're still awesome. Just don't give Sandal salamanders.

Aveline's personal quest is a delightful gem of comedy in amidst the killing folks. Especially when she asks for the goats and wheat. Aveline is awesome.

And Cullen! He's not crazy! Apparently he recovered from his Dragon Age Origins trauma. Which is good, because I liked his character. Thrask is pretty awesome too. He has an awesome goatee. ::laugh::


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